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Amarone Mazzano, Gaja Darmagi, Black Stallion Bucephalus… Our wine list consists of carefully selected varieties and vintages. Some are very light, while others have deep flavours. All of them – as Salvador Dali used to say – let you taste mystery.

For dishes served at La Prima, we recommend exclusive wines from renowned wine regions in Italy, France, Spain, US, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. For connoisseurs, our sommelier has selected real gems. Our range also includes fine wines sold by the glass.

Flavours of Podhale
For those who love discovering local gems, we've prepared a surprise. The Flavours of Podhale collection is a selection of local alcohols. And although the Tatra climate is too harsh for grapevines, we'll show you the power of saffron and Tatra angelica.

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